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White Dirt Falling from the Sky!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

So let me tell you about Canadian winters...THEY ARE COLD!

Really we are adjusting to winter better than I thought we would but they are still very different. Although I could have probably left a huge chunk of my shoe collection behind, because I bought a good pair of snow boots and haven't gone back. It snows all the time... correction, white dirt falls from the sky all the time. The snow is not at all like snow in Missouri; you know in Missouri, if it snowed like this the whole town would shut down. And honestly it takes everything in me to not go out and buy a bunch of milk the night before then stay home till it all goes away. But if that were the case I wouldn't leave the house till June. But again its not like snow in Missouri as it is not nearly as icy, not as slick. It's more like dust which is why I called it white dirt. Everyones car is filthy and I have been told that its pointless to wash it until summer because the snow will just dirty it up again.

Snow definitely does not slow things down up here. Layne finally got a job in Okotokes which is a small, adorable town twenty minutes away from our apartment. Seriously super cute little town, like a Canadian Stars Hollow. Anyway, the first few days I had to drive Layne to work because he didn't have his car yet. His second day there it started to snow really hard but I still needed to run into town to get a few things for the Christmas program. It took me an hour to go 18 miles; not because of the snow but because there was that much traffic going into the city. Its crazy!

I could do without so much snow but otherwise we are doing great up here. This month for Apartment Life we had a Pancake Breakfast for our residents. A team from our pastors home church in Ohio came up for a quick mission trip. They were able to help with the event this month which was SOOO nice! They set up and cleaned up, so it didn't take us nearly as long as it usually does. But the best part was that they were able to make the pancakes while Layne and I actually had conversations with our neighbours. We got to know a lot of them and even were able to invite some of them to church.

Then that afternoon we and the team from Ohio passed around gift baskets to all the businesses around the theatre we meet in. All the businesses were shocked and so grateful for this little act of kindness. But really it just let them know that we are there and praying for them. That night we helped with a parents night out event. We hosted this event in a school within the Legacy community, the community that they are wanting to start the new church in. I loved being a part of this, it was fun to play with all these kids and watching them get a glimpse of the Gospel.

Your prayers are also working, a few posts ago I mention how stressed I was about getting volunteers in children's ministry. I have gotten enough volunteers to cover every week of the month except the crazy 5th week that comes up randomly. Plus I still do not have enough people to substitute every once in a while, so you can keep praying that more people will step up. But everything else for the children's ministry is going well too. This month we are practicing the Christmas Program. Layne and I have been building a small set for it and we did get the cast figured out. Unfortunately no more kids came out of the bushes but I rearranged, double casted, and some girls are playing guy roles, but it will all work out. I'm hoping I can film it and post it on Facebook but we'll see. Another praise report is that the pastors daughter who is in my class accepted Jesus as her Saviour last week! I am so excited to experience a baptism at our church.

As I said earlier Layne got a job down in Okotokes, he has to drive but didn't have a car his first few days. Layne actually bought a car earlier this month but that wasn't a good experience. He bought a fairly cheap one but there was so much wrong with it that it would have cost more than we paid for the car to fix it. So he decided to sell it and try again.

Just earlier today we bought one for crazy cheap we will get it inspected later this week and you can join us in prayer that it passes and we won't go through the same thing. I shared on facebook a photo that said "when God calls you to something He already considered your stupidity." I shared it because that's exactly how me and Layne felt during that whole fiasco. But God provided with a good deal on this other car.

I am posting the blog post earlier than usual because we have a special pray today. I know that you are probably busy with your family and eating amazing food, but I want you all to say a prayer for all the missionaries this holiday. I have yet to experience this, but this is what I hear this from the rest of missionaries, and it makes since. But Holidays spent away from family are the hardest day for many of them. You think about how the whole family is meeting without you, and it easily becomes the day you're the most homesick. So before you eat your turkey, just say a prayer for all the missionaries not spending this holiday with family. But on the bright side, we have a second family up here, our church staff! And since we are all American we are still be celebrating today and I get a second Thanksgiving dinner this year! HAHA!

Have a great Thanksgiving y'all, but pray for:

1. Safe travels in the snowy tundra -_-

2. More Volunteers in the Childrens Ministry

3. That the Christmas program goes smoothly

4. That the car Layne bought is reliable.

5. All those who voluntarily spending the holidays away from family to serve the Lord.

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