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We're Here!!!

This past week has been a whirl wind. After we finished our last yard sale on the last weekend of August, we hauled off whatever didn’t sell, spent our last Sunday in Missouri with friends and family, then all day Monday and Tuesday packed everything we owned!

We want to thank Dan Dickerson, Colton and Lillian Layton for coming by to help us pack! We literally could not have done it without you! But even with their help we were still not done. Layne was supposed to leave Wednesday morning but we still hadn’t put it all into the truck. Thankfully, Layne’s mom is a master at Tetris and was able to fit it all into the truck. Then they took off on a very long drive that afternoon. 

My mom, my dog, Thaddeus, and I took off at 1:00am to catch a 5:30am flight. I was very glad to have my mom with me because I was very nervous about flying with a 16 month old and a very anxious dog. But God took care of that too! Skamp barely made a peep and did very well in the carrier, and Thaddeus slept a majority of the way. 

Once we arrived we had to get through the visa process and that couldn’t have gone smoother. Although the atmosphere of that room seriously makes you feel like you’re there illegally but I got my work permit with no problems. 

Mom and I took the rest of the day to do some grocery shopping and spent the night at Pastor Chris’ house. Layne finally arrived Saturday evening and got his open work permit. Other than the fact that it took over three hours to get across the border, it went well. Layne was a little nervous that he would have pull everything out of the moving truck to show what we were bringing into the country but the Lord prevented that and made it very easy for him.


Sunday we got to sit in on the beginning of the sermon series of Spiritual Warfare. Which you can listen to on Multiply’s Facebook page! This was the first church service that Layne and I have gotten to sit in on and sit back and relax which was such a blessing. Kristie sang a Kari Jobe's Cause of Christ that was just amazing. It hit home for me and just helped me stop and truly worship the amazing God we serve, and help me realize why we are here.

For this cause I live and for this cause I’d die. 

I cannot tell you how happy we are to be here. Though it was hard to leave the place we called home our whole lives we have already seen God working here. He continues to show us His grace and provision. One amazing example of this is simply our car. Layne and I were planning on buying a car this week. Luckily Layne’s parents drove up here with him so we have had a means of transportation but they are leaving next week so we needed a  car pretty soon. The day we were planning to start shopping for one, Chris texted us a screen shot of a friend's facebook post. A member of a church in Cochrane was selling her van for a crazy low price! We thought we could go ahead and check it out just to have a car and that way we could actually take our time to shop for a car. So Layne and his dad took off to go look at it. This van is in great condition! It rides very smooth. It's worth more than she was selling it for, but she said she was just looking to bless a family. We were just amazed at how God placed that feeling in her just at the right time and how we have a mini van. God is so good, He also has a sense of humour because all the years I’ve known Layne, he has said he will NEVER own a mini van, but ladies and gentlemen guess who’s the proud own of the MAN VAN! I have named him Dan the "Man Van". 

Introducing Dan the "Man Van"

We have been here for less than a week and things are feeling more and more like home. Since Layne's mom is here she can watch Thaddeus, while I try to get the apartment together. So we are almost all set up here. It has felt like a very long week though. We have gotten very little sleep. Part of that is because one night we took off with part of our church family to Forgetmenot park to see the Northern Lights. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see them, we even waited until 1:00am hoping to get the chance. Even though we did not see them this time I am still just in shock that I live in a place where they are visible. We did take a day off from the madness to go to Banff. I just can't wrap my mind around how people living here see something as beautiful as Lake Louise and not believe in our Heavenly Father.

Family Photo at Lake Louise

I will post pictures of our apartment soon. Right now we don’t have phones, internet, and just got our car yesterday. I am being forced against my will to camp my first week here! (not really but no internet, means of communication or transportation is as close to camping as I prefer) But Layne and I have been working on getting driver's licenses, insurance, and all that "fun" jazz. *insert big yawn*

We are thankful that we are here and can finally start this ministry that we have worked so hard for. We cannot thank you all enough for helping us get here and continuing to pray. 

Some things to pray for: 

1. For a smooth transition as I start to take over the children’s ministry over the next few weeks. 

2. That Layne’s family makes it home safely. 

3. That we all stay healthy, Thaddeus is struggling adjusting to the dry air up here, and poor little guy is miserable with congestion and runny nose. Then I have been very busy and have yet to find the folder TNT gave for exercises and stretches so my leg has been bugging me a little. PS I miss TNT Fitness!  4. Layne is still tirelessly applying for jobs, so pray one responds soon.

5. We have an implementation meeting with the management at the apartment complex this week to kick off Apartment Life events. Pray that all goes smoothly and we have a good turnout at our first event.

Thank you for your prayers everyone! 

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