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I Think We Are Canadian Now!

The Month of October went by super fast! Actually the whole year went by fast. We cannot believe it but it has already been one year since our first trip to Calgary in November of 2018. That was the first time I left Thaddeus for more than a couple hours and I hated it. So I can imagine how me and Layne's family feels right now, its been more than three days.

God has provided so much since then. He helped us raise plenty of funds to make the move up here. He made getting up here go so smoothly. Now we were a little stressed coming up here without a job for Layne, but God provided! Someone that goes to our church who's family owns a restaurant called the Phoenix Grill, graciously gave Layne a temporary job working the ovens until he found a job in the construction industry. Layne getting that job helped us finally getting into a rhythm. It is funny, Chris told us that when you first move you are so jealous of people because of their rhythms and routines and we totally were! We are starting to find ours but its not set in stone yet. The restaurant industry isn't great for a family with toddler and only one car. Since I have to drop Layne off the hours just messed with Thaddeus' nap and eating schedule a lot. But God continues to provide by... *DRUM ROLL* Layne finally got a great job within his field!!!!! He had an interview last week and was offered a position as an Estimator at Sunshine Exteriors down in Okotoks, a small town just south of Calgary. We are so thankful and excited for this, he will be starting November 25th. It is the perfect opportunity for Layne. Plus they are closed the week between Christmas and New Years which means we will be able to spend Christmas with our family in Missouri!!! Since we live near the very southern edge of Calgary the commute to Okotoks is just as long as the commute to anywhere else. But unfortunately there is not a transit system that goes down that way so Layne will have to get a car instead. We planned on him just riding the train to and from work; that would give him the opportunity to meet our neighbors during his commute. But God worked out the details for the best anyway. We are meeting our neighbors through Apartment life and if Layne has a car he will have more time to invest into that ministry with me.

Apartment Life is starting to take off a bit more. Our apartment complex is called Auburn Landing which is owned by Canada's largest property management company, Boardwalk. With Boardwalk being a large corporation we had a lot of hoops to jump through in order to get things done. But now I think we have established a system and have gotten things really going. We did our first Welcome Visits this month, this is where we go and meet the people who moved in at the beginning of the previous month. So this time we visited the people who moved in at the beginning of September. We had some good conversations and are making a great connection with some of these people. Other than visits we are still doing one event a month. This is just to create the opportunity for neighbors to get out of their comfort zones to meet other neighbors. Canadians are really into Halloween so this month we did a "Scary" Movie night. Now I am not really into Halloween (except dressing Thaddeus up is pretty fun) But this event was a challenge for me. We watched the movie "Beetlejuice" I have never seen that movie before but I heard that it wasn't too scary so I thought that would be a good idea in case children came to the event. I will say I was not a fan of the movie but still had fun making some yummy treats. 22 People attended all with great feedback. We keep hearing that connecting with people here in Canada is a slow process. So even though our conversations weren’t deep and meaningful the quality time we spend with residents, even eating silly snacks watching silly movies, will really resonate with them.

Outside of Apartment Life I have been keeping busy with everything at Multiply. Lately I have been working on the Christmas Program, this is creating a challenge for me. For one I don't have my dad here to build a set for me, not that I have the area to build the set anyway. But the biggest challenge is not having very many students to cast. But I am excited for Canadians to see the true Christmas story come to life. I find it a huge privilege to be able to do this for a whole new audience. The Christmas program is my favorite part of the season so I'm glad I get to do a small version of it up here. You can pray that maybe I get a couple more students between now and then so I will have enough for my whole cast.

So the first year of Multiply the staff had to focus on getting people to come to the church. This year they feel like they have established a great group of believers that they can move on to truly investing in the members of Multiply. We want to help these believers become great disciples so that those members can invest in others, overall enhancing the Kingdom.

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. " - Matthew 9:37

So as part of this I will be doing Family Nights once a quarter. The goal is to really get the parents involved in their children's walk with God. Parents main mission field is their own children and to make them disciples. So these events will encourage, equip, and excite the parents in that journey. I am so excited to add this aspect into the Children's Ministry. I have been researching materials and ideas for this and can't wait to get started. Pray that God provides the materials and that people will attend and really get something out of that new ministry.

I have been working hard to get the children's ministry to where it needs to be. Jeremy did a great job laying the ground work, but there are a few kinks to work out. The hardest part about children's ministry is finding volunteers and this is where I need my prayer warriors to really focus on. I am trying to get a team together that will get into our helper rotation. I have a faithful few but not enough to have the number of helpers we really need each week. I easily get discouraged with this but again, doing anything with people here in Canada is a slow process, I just have to work on patience. But otherwise I am loving my job, my coworkers, it can be stressful but totally worth it!

Two of my students trying to break the Guinness Book Record of most sticky note on ones face.

So overall things are going great up here. But here is what is on our prayer list:

1. That the Christmas program goes smoothly and that I find more kids to fill roles.

2. That the Family Night ministry takes off and is successful

3. God provides more volunteers for the Children's Ministry.

4. Just Apartment Life in general.

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