Calgary is Canada's third largest city. It is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This beautiful city attracts it's residents through their wide range of amenities. From sky scrapers to the continent's largest annual stampede, people from around the world are flocking to the communities of Calgary. It is the center of the nations oil industry and has a bustling economy. As of March 2019, Calgary's population is over 1.6 million people and it continues to grow by 5-10% each year. 

With this many people in one place, you can imagine how wide the cultural diversity can range in one city. With 25% of the population foreign born, there are about 240 people groups present within the city, with 140 different languages.  


These people are young, wealthy and influential This city seems to have anything and everything you could ever want all in one place. But with so many things going for this city it is missing the only thing they need -- a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

95% of the population have no idea who Jesus is. Most of them don’t have any underlying concept of the gospel. Regularly attending church is a thing of the past – something that their grandparents did. These people are lost. Lastly, because of the increase in immigration, other religions are growing in proportion to the population, while Christianity is not.

Knowing these facts, the North American Mission Board started their efforts to share the gospel in 2012 by starting their first church plant. Since then there are now eight established church plants with more in the making. 

Church plants are a very effective way of spreading the gospel but it takes a team of established believers to run the new church. Which is why the Wilson Family has decided to answer that call and will be joining the team at Multiply Church in August 2019.