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Walk with the Wilsons is the story of the Wilson family, Layne, Emily, and their son Thaddeus, in their journey of becoming Church Planting Team members in Calgary Alberta Canada!

Did you know that Calgary is home to over 1.6 million people!? It’s a beautiful thriving city that is drawing in people from around the world because it seems to have everything you could ever want. But the one thing this city is missing, is the one thing they need; a relationship with Jesus Christ. Only 5% of the population knows Jesus!

But NAMB, CNBC, and Send Calgary Missionaries have joined together to change that, and Layne and Emily Wilson are now a part of that team!

Layne, Emily, and their son Thaddeus, will be moving to the city in August 2019. Emily will be the Children’s ministry Director at a brand new church plant called Multiply Church.

The Wilsons are leaving their friends, family, and comfort zones to answer to the calling God laid on their hearts. It has been and will be one of the hardest but most important thing they will ever do, but they are excited to be a part of this ministry.

The family is supported by partners who join the walk by giving through the North American Mission Board. (NAMB) 


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The journey to arrive at this point in our lives has been surprising. We never imagined God would call us to be church planting team members. But as we heard about the devastating facts of how lost the city was we said to one another, "We cannot know this about this city and not do anything about it."


We did not make this decision lightly. It was daunting to think that we would leave our friends, family, and comfortable lives to move to a city we could not afford to live in. We prayed, fasted, and sought out wiser counsel for months before we finally found that this is exactly what God called us to do.

We both grew up believing that God is as real as our parents are. We cannot imagine growing up without Him. Calgary is a city where children would do exactly that, grow up without even hearing the name of Jesus. What struck us the most is that this group of unsaved peoples is not in a tiny unknown village in the middle of nowhere, but in our neighboring country. Therefore, we are taking a huge leap of faith, knowing God will provide so that we can be obedient to Him.